Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I have a humble little spiral notebook, made all the more humble-looking by the random papers with which it is stuffed, the scrawled writing with which it is filled, and the edges tattered from much handling. I dropped it recently, and the randomly stuffed papers went flying. I picked them up, and noticed this simple list on a "scratch" piece of paper:

I remember the day and the conversation which inspired this list. My attention was gently directed more toward God as we had talked. I realized His grace to a new degree, was emboldened by this reality, and sought to extend grace to others.

In all the activities, relationships, situations and encounters of life, some interactions in particular cause something good to take root, develop strength, and produce fruit. I am grateful for that day's good gifts, represented by my humble-looking little list. And I am inspired toward the character that leaves such memories with others.

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