Thursday, August 4, 2011

Looking at Mice

Mice found some food and nesting supplies in our garage a few years back, and took up residence there. The little mouse family grew awhile before we noticed, and it took a few weeks of strategic "trapping" to get rid of them. I don't want mice in the garage, and I am not against using force to get rid of them.

That said, they're really not hideous beasts. They are small, generally shy critters with soft fur and curious minds. Their bones are tiny and fragile. When they take up unwanted residence in the garage, they're just looking for a place to live, not being willfully destructive, bent on evil.

Such a message doesn't sell exterminator services, though, which is probably why the ad for a local exterminator included this:

The message? These creatures are like aliens with their weird names, bulging eyes, sharp facial features, and tails like a big snake. They'll eat lots of things -- they might even eat your children! And if they can't do that, they may poison or starve your whole family.

Good heavens. If we're willing to get this worked up about a deer mouse, it's no surprise when we see danger lurking in all sorts of pretty benign places.

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