Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I stood with my feet in the waves at the ocean shore early one morning a few months back. Colors of the sky shifted perceptibly as the sun rose over the horizon. I listened to the waves, and it was like hearing them through my rib cage. It was glorious. I closed my eyes and stretched, saving the experience.

Yesterday at The Gateway, children were playing in the fountain, mixing their delighted squeals with the music playing through the speakers as they leaped around in pursuit of the dancing waters. One little guy, maybe two years old, stood with eyes and mouth wide open in joyful amazement. Adults stood back from the water, watching the kids, taking photos, smiling, laughing. The atmosphere felt joyful.

And I noticed the flowers nearby. On this beautiful sunny day, I imagined them leaning back, stretching their faces toward the sky with so many arms stretched out, soaking in the moment.

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