Saturday, November 15, 2008

Young People These Days

"Young people these days!" Imagine the tone of voice. Probably exasperated, maybe annoyed. It implies a blanket assessment of teenagers as creatures to tolerate until they grow up into respectable human beings.

Imagine that same tone of voice: "Elderly people!" or "Caucasians!" or "Americans!" or "Women!" Each one paints an entire group of very diverse people the same ugly color, using the same sharp-bristled brush. But each and every person is unique, perfectly designed, and very much loved.

We have a building full of teens and their leaders today for quizzing. They came last night from churches across the Intermountain District so they could start bright and early. Our worship team led with music and prayer -- a great way to begin. As we sang "Amazing grace, how sweet the sound," it was incredible to hear their voices rising above those of the worship team.

This crowd also represents "young people these days." They have been studying the Gospel of Luke, memorizing verses, discovering how the different sections tie together, talking about what it all means for us today. Most of them traveled hundreds of miles to get here so they can spend the day in scripture and enjoy each other's company. They are fun. Their energy is contagious. They usually clean up after themselves pretty well, and they are good about following direction. They interact well with each other, with their leaders, and with the many other people who have been around today.

I do love "young people these days."

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