Saturday, November 19, 2011

Traffic Mimes

Venezuela apparently has some crazy driving -- running red lights, stopping in the middle of the street to drop off passengers, riding motorcycles on the sidewalks, driving in reverse through oncoming traffic, stuff like that -- and the standard law enforcement tactics haven't brought about sufficient improvement in the situation.

So, in the category of thinking creatively about a complex problem, over one hundred professional mimes are now using their skills to help address these issues. Dressed in brightly colored outfits, they silently engage the public on a more personal level, using a great variety of nonverbal communication. Some offenders curse and yell in response to silent corrections, but most have responded in a more civilized manner, and initial reports suggest things are getting better. (Check out the story here.)

Turns out, Venezuela is not alone in this tactic; there are a number of other places where something similar is being done. I'm feeling kinda left out here in Utah. Our driving situation probably doesn't merit traffic mimes, but maybe we could get some anyway, just for the fun factor :D


Kathleen Allison said...

We definitely need traffic mimes!!! One of the best ideas I've ever heard. Maybe you should set up a meeting with the Governor?!?!?

Kathleen Allison said...

...or, maybe you could BE a traffic mime!

Debi said...

That would be a fun meeting: "Sir, I'm here to talk with you about a serious issue -- Utah needs more mimes."