Wednesday, August 31, 2011


You know the temptation tunnel at Wal-Mart? The one shoppers maneuver through on their way to the checkout stand, lured to each side by candy, chips, lip balm, lint rollers, and all manner of stuff somebody is pretty sure we'll decide we need right now? That's where we recently found this:

Minty and fruity both in the same colorful package. It's gum for the indecisive!

Their slogan suggests something else, too:

UP2U. Here you always have a choice...

There is something about humanity that values choice. To choose is to exert power. That's why "Get your pajamas on" is often replaced by "Do you want to wear your red jammies or your green jammies?" -- offering children a sense of control in their world.

I wonder if that's what this gum is ultimately designed to do for adults, too.

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