Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I am constantly amazed that youth camp works. Hundreds of junior high students gather for one week, divided into cabin groups of around 10-12 campers led by 1-2 volunteer staff. These groups, often formed by combining people who do not know each other, coordinate within and beyond themselves to establish living spaces, meals, shower times, and so forth while also playing, learning, worshiping, and talking together.

It takes extra planning, extra patience, extra kindness. This alone is a great reason to come.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

More Space in Between

In The Sun Also Rises (Hemingway), someone asks Campbell how he went bankrupt. His reply? "Gradually, then suddenly." It is a classic and well-known line, brilliantly packaging a key insight into humanity.

How did your marriage fall apart? Gradually, then suddenly.
How did you wind up having an affair? Gradually, then suddenly.
How did your business come to ruin? Gradually, then suddenly.
How did you return to a known addiction? Gradually, then suddenly.
How did your children grow up without you noticing? Gradually, then suddenly.

Jon Acuff paints a picture of the "gradually" part in this post. Check it out, and read the comments.

I found it challenging, and would love to hear your thoughts.