Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Season of Reflection

"When chaos happens it's easy to just hunker down, think of quick strategies to get out of the mess, or make rash choices. But perhaps slowing down for a season of reflection would do us well. What might God be saying to me, to our country? While we gravitate quickly to happy endings and stories of inspiration, perhaps a period of confession and repentance is also in order...." (Dave Gibbons, Out of Ur blog)

Gibbons is writing here specifically about the current economic difficulties in the USA. I'd suggest that his advice, though, is much more broadly applicable. "When chaos happens...." There is plenty of chaos in and around us -- financial chaos, relational chaos, educational chaos, work chaos, home chaos, and more. When we find ourselves in broken relationships, it is easy to hunker down, avoid the interactions, ignore the broken parts, or simply lash out. When we find ourselves in debt, it is easy to hunker down, run from the creditors, apply for more credit cards, juggle accounts. Whatever the chaos, there is usually a temptation to "fix" it quickly. But too often the "solution" is like a Band-Aid on a broken arm.

A season of reflection could do us some good.

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