Monday, November 10, 2008

A Mild Phooey

I discovered an electrical problem at church on Saturday evening. More specifically, it didn't work. Saturday evening is a bugger time to find something like that. I didn't want us all to wind up in a cold, dark sanctuary and straining to hear clearly. (Actually, I'd be fine in near-dark, and with a bit of cooperation and effort, the lack of sound system could probably be accommodated, too. But I do hate when we're cold, and didn't see a good way to fix that one.)

At such a time, I particularly appreciated working with others who have the knowledge and skills to approach situations like this effectively. One quickly set about making arrangements for emergency power. Another joined me in thinking through contingency plans. We didn't yet know the extent of the problem or the feasibility of some of the solutions, so it was good to have a couple possibilities to pull from as needed.

I pondered the worst-case scenario. What if we didn't have electricity? It was a wise question to consider. It would have been a foolish one to worry about.

People have been worshiping God for millennia, since long before such conveniences as electricity. Each Sunday, groups meet for worship all around the world. Most have no climate control options. A portion have no building and instead meet outdoors. And in some areas, they must meet quietly, at risk of their lives. Our temporary lack of electricity really was a very small issue.

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