Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day 2008

I'd heard about long lines and other issues in some of the polling places around the country. Mark went to vote first today, and called to let me know it wasn't bad at "our" location. I headed that way perhaps a half hour later, and walked right in -- no line, no waiting. The details were taken care of by nice people who seemed to know what they were doing and invest themselves in doing it well. There was even a great parking space. The right to vote is in itself pretty cool. The ease and speed of doing it this morning was an added bonus.

Now it's time to wait. Watching through these next few hours really serves no practical purpose. But, like many others, I'll do it anyway. What happens today is a big deal, and I want to see it.

After so much election focus, I am looking forward to finally having it done. No person, situation, political party, government, or country is perfect. And while such leadership changes are indeed significant, there is another sense in which very little changes because we are still individually called to love and to serve, and to act responsibly as citizens.

Our hope is not in the government. Whatever you are hoping for, and whatever happens, let's move forward from here.

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