Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Psalm

God cares, guides, protects, and loves.
He provides for my physical needs
and reassures me when I am frightened.
He helps me to know His perfect way
so my life can reflect His character.

When it appears that life is beyond hope,
that evil will conquer, that I cannot continue --
Still I know
God is in control, and He is good.
That is always enough.

My Father invites me into His presence
even when -- and especially when --
I am surrounded by that which would hurt me.
Evil threatens to envelop me,
yet God is not taken by surprise.

In the midst of trouble, I am still confident
of God's goodness and power and love --
A love for me, too, and not just for humanity.
In the security of this great gift,
I choose to dwell with the Almighty forever.

(Based on Psalm 23)

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