Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Linguistic Non-Marathon

I've never in my life had the desire to run a marathon. Ever. It is fascinating to me that other people do. After all, what is so special about 26.22 miles? As it turns out, that distance is "special" because of a legend about an ancient Greek messenger who ran that far and died. Why does that make it a good idea?

November is NaNoWriMo ("NA-no-RYE-moh"), or National Novel Writing Month. Since 1999, folks who love to write have devoted themselves to the challenge of writing a novel -- at least 50,000 words, or around 175 pages -- within that 30-day period. It requires approximately 1700 words per day. While excellent writing is considered a bonus, simply finishing the project is recognized as an accomplishment. It's like a marathon of writing.

I enjoy writing, but I'm really not a marathoner, and my "creative" fiction tends to be quite hideous. Thankfully, NaNoWriMo is now joined by NaBloPoMo: National Blog Posting Month. So, through November, my goal is to write and post daily. (Yeah, I know I've missed one already. I sat down in a really comfortable chair that night and woke up in the morning.)

While the stated goal is just to post daily, finding something worthwhile to write is certainly a bonus. Any suggestions? Please leave a comment or send me an e-mail.

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