Sunday, November 25, 2012

Making Time

While planning a trip, I contacted friends who live in the area where I'd be traveling. I wasn't going to be there long, and they're busy too, but I hoped to at least stop in for a quick hello, even if just a few minutes and a hug. "We'll make time," they said, and that's what we all did. In the end, it wasn't quite what we'd planned, and that was okay. I was grateful for opportunity to see them and catch up a little with the unfolding story of their lives.

"We'll make time." What beautiful words! We've been heading into "the holiday season" for a few weeks now, and the next five weeks tend to be busy ones within the culture where I live. It is easy to get caught up in that and lose sight not just of the story of Jesus, but also his nature. I've been learning, though, and prioritizing better. Our house will be decorated simply, our meals uncomplicated, and my task list adjusted. I look forward with anticipation to the coming weeks, and especially to time spent with others -- in cheerful celebrations, mournful moments, conflicts and struggles and whatever else this time brings. Jesus was not just physically present during his time on earth; he was thoroughly present. That's the model I want to follow.

I saw this post yesterday-ish and have been thinking about my priorities in the upcoming weeks. Watching The Muppet Christmas Carol is on the list, and maybe even The Hobbit. We'll decorate our home with a nativity set and Christmas tree. I'm aiming to do some baking with friends, look at Christmas lights with Mark, and play games. A couple of gatherings on the schedule will be good for catching up with folks I don't get to see much, and others for closer friends. I'll spend time with some more personally, too, in homes and coffee shops and probably hospitals. I love the whole Advent season at church, and especially look forward to the Christmas Eve service.

I am reminded of this statement from Dallas Willard:

"We can learn how to act quickly without hurrying.
Quickness is an attribute of action.
Hurry is an attribute of the spirit."
(article here)

Yeah, this will be a busy season, and I am learning how to respond in the busyness without rushing, to prioritize, to create regular space for silence and prayer, to re-orient my soul.

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