Sunday, November 18, 2012

Carried Treasure

A recent conversation sent me looking for a photo on my phone. Phone cameras have improved so much in recent years, and have become so commonly carried, that snapping photos has just become part of everyday life. I found the photo I sought in those moments, and later made time to glance through the remaining ones. It was like a treasure hunt, except it was treasure I'd been carrying around in my pocket for a year. Here's some of what I found:

Transport of something HUGE! I watched for quite awhile.
Never did figure out what it was, but it was amazing.

Quote found in papers while moving

Enlarge this and take a look at the list of ingredients.
Starts with "lamb lungs" and moves on from there.

The fact that such a genre exists... oh my...

In airline catalog

Pile of mostly-junk mail awaiting us after Bangladesh

I drew this. I liked it. I saved it.

About half the German army seemed to be
flying Southwest on that particular day.

"We live life as if it were a motion picture. Loss turns life into a snapshot.
The movement stops; everything freezes." (Gerald Sittser)

Looks weird, sounds worse.
Surprisingly tasty!

Definitely stir before drinking.

Rock/wire art


And there are 1700 more photos where those came from! Cemeteries, curry powder, cows, snails, dogs, dilated eyeballs, big trucks, big rocks, inflammation, sports, Pittsburgh, platypus, a cookie fortune, feet, food, flowers, family, friends, funnies, furniture, fallen fence, fake firewood, and a bunch more. It looks like a random assortment, and not particularly interesting.

Except to me.

Phone photos often come with stories; they represent people, ideas, metaphors, experiences, all significant in some way. I am grateful for memory, and for this little "carried treasure" of photos.

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