Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Another Voice

I have been blessed with a number of mentor-type people especially in recent years, folks that are both willing and capable of offering perspective and wisdom in the midst of challenges. A year in the hospital environment reinforced the value of consultation, too. So when stymied while wrestling with a sticky question recently, I considered seeking the perspective of a mentor. One person in particular came to mind.

What was my core question, and what information was relevant to the situation at hand? I pondered these as I prepared to call. Putting words to my situation, I knew from experience what kinds of questions and comments would likely come in return, so I considered those, too. This mentor's voice, even just in my head, challenged my motives and spoke difficult truth. By the time I'd established clearly my question and the relevant information, I realized the appropriate path was clear and the call no longer necessary.

That imaginary conversation was wonderfully helpful! Even though it didn't actually happen, it was still based on reality. Our past interactions have helped me to think in new ways and to ask myself the kinds of questions this person asks, so when something came up, this other "voice" guided my thoughts toward correction, new insight and conviction. I am grateful for such people in my life, who provide wisdom needed not only in specific situations, but in the process even speak truth for situations which haven't yet even developed.

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