Friday, November 9, 2012

11,479 Words

My nature leans toward deliberative, which has its advantages. It also seems to be hard-wired in me. While respecting this, I want also to broaden the ways I think, which calls for attention to further developing use of language. With such ideas in mind, I decided a couple of weeks back to try out a practice of a brief daily morning writing. My goals were simple -- focus, discipline, consistency, and fluency. Not necessarily profundity, but simply getting words quickly formed into sentences and paragraphs, at least 750 words at a time.

Goals achieved!

Flamingo, Cheetah, Hamster, Rooster

It has been a good exercise. The flamingo was easy -- just show up faithfully. But showing up faithfully is an important start to much in life, so I celebrate the flamingo! The hamster represents focus, and required continuing to write without being drawn aside by circling thoughts, internet distractions, breakfast, or whatever. I want to cultivate such focus in other areas of my life, and pursuing the hamster has helped give name to those things which distract me most. The rooster marks the discipline of starting early, which is more difficult as the weather grows cold and my body begs to hibernate, but I know that a consistent morning start sets the tone for the remainder of the day. And the cheetah was just a bonus :)

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