Friday, November 30, 2007

Pilar, Argentina

Extreme Nazarene 2008 is like a missions trip on steroids. Approximately three hundred people will travel from various places in the USA, plus even more people from at least eight other nations -- Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, El Salvador, Mexico, Spain, Ukraine, and Venezuela. One of the main projects there will be completion of the Bruno Radi Convention Center. It's not the typical mission trip project, but it should be an excellent investment. Here's why:
  • The BRCC will seat 2600 people in a multipurpose auditorium, and house 600 people in 50 dorm suites.
  • It will be used by the Nazarene Church in South America to develop leaders.
  • It will be a place for large-group meetings and conferences, including worship, discipleship, and community outreach.
  • It will generate revenue by opening the building for concerts, indoor sports leagues, etc., and that revenue will be re-invested in ministry through development of leaders (target of 5000 trained leaders by 2013) and planting of churches (target of 5000 new churches by 2018).

In addition to construction, Extreme '08 participants will engage in community service projects, evangelism events, and worship.

It sounds to me like a great investment in God's kingdom, and I'm excited that I'll be there.

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