Monday, November 19, 2007

My Friend Norm

I love Norm. I admire him, too. He has a sweet spirit, a gentle nature, a friendly laugh. He was part of our care group several years ago. It certainly wasn't a choice of convenience; he traveled quite a bit to get there. But he loved us and adopted us and apparently decided we were worth the time and effort and fuel and all that. Norm is one of those people in my life who helps me to really understand that "we love because [God] first loved us" because I've seen this dynamic in Norm's life.

I talked with Norm again today. He moved across the country awhile back to be close to family, but we still chat occasionally by phone. He mentioned friends from here, and told me about his family there. I was reminded how much he loves his grown-up "kids." I know who he'll be with for Thanksgiving, and how he'll bless others for Christmas. You know my favorite part of the conversation? When Norm smiled -- you can generally hear a good smile over the phone -- and said, "The Lord's blessed me real good." He listed blessings upon blessings that I too often take for granted.

I think Norm's demeanor is contagious. I certainly hope it is.

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