Thursday, November 8, 2007

Finding Jesus

Have you seen the Waldo books? Waldo is a very specific character hidden in busy scenes which contain many, many other figures. I'm not very good at finding him, it seems. Anyway, I saw a children's book similar to a "Where's Waldo?" in a catalog this week. This being a catalog filled with religious things, though, the difference was that children search through the pictures for Jesus and other biblical figures. I don't quite know what I think of the "Where's Jesus?" book but, of course, my thought train shifted to a parallel track....

Something was different the past couple of days as I moved about from place to place. It look longer than it should have to realize what it was: Christmas decorations! We've been making plans for Thanksgiving and Christmas and various other travels coming up in the next couple of months, too. Sometimes life starts to feel like a page out of Waldo -- stuff going on everywhere we look, and it's hard to really focus on what we're looking for.

Back to the children's book -- "Where's Jesus?" I've spent some time with kids who are surprisingly good at finding Waldo wherever he may be. As far as I can tell, they don't have Waldo-finding superpowers. They've just spent enough time in Waldo books that they can pick him out of a hectic crowd. That's what I'm looking for. I want to become so accustomed to looking for Jesus everywhere -- that's where he is, after all -- that I can spot him in any kind of craziness.

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