Saturday, September 22, 2012

Unexpected Guests

Yesterday was one of those days when I so wanted to spend a little time with a dog. I was weary and melancholy, and missing Sirius particularly much. It's not time yet to get a dog (though I've thought of it -- check out Titus!), and I can be mostly okay with that, but craved canine companionship.

And look who showed up today!

The gates to the back yard were closed, and no dog-sized holes in the fence, so we're guessing they had slipped in unnoticed sometime while we were doing yard work several hours before. Mark offered them water, which they drank with enthusiasm.

They were friendly and sociable, had tags and looked like someone takes good care of them. Animal Control was closed, so I called the Sheriff's office. The gal on the phone was great -- I explained the situation and she looked them up by tag numbers and contacted the owner, and we all agreed together on my offer to walk the dogs home.

It was one of those everybody-wins things. The dogs went on a big adventure together, Mark and I spent a little time with these furry friends, the Sheriff's office dealt with a call easily while looking good in the process, and the guy got his dogs back safe and sound. It was lovely.

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Allison said...

I love how God shows His love in such specific ways!