Wednesday, September 19, 2012


I've been waking early, often sitting in the living room with the blinds open to watch the morning unfold. Several cars have slipped already this morning from their driveways, occupants headed out toward whatever this day holds for them. Soon, the first signs of light will begin to dawn over the mountains. Others will head toward work and students will starting heading to their various schools, starting with the oldest. After the activity of these morning transitions, a few neighborhood moms may head out for errands. There will be lawns mowed, dogs walked, mail delivered.

Kids will return from school gradually, more like a meandering than the clear waves of their morning departures. Adults will return likewise from workplaces and other destinations. Dinners will be served and homework completed. Some will venture out again for evening activities and most will return again as night sets in, the street again growing quiet. Darkness will fall and lights shining through windows will be extinguished one by one as their occupants settle in to sleep.

It is easy to sleepwalk through familiar routines, but I am reminded today that such routines form the fabric of life. Such everyday comings and goings will both reveal and create significant moments -- times that could easily be missed in the midst of what feels so ordinary. I wonder what this day will hold, and I want to be attentive to it.

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