Thursday, September 20, 2012

Looking to Find Perspective

I posted last year around thanksgiving with an A-Z gratitude list. My favorite was xenodochy, partly because I'm thankful for it and partly because finding something other than "x-rays" required a worthwhile intentionality. The A-Z process helped me look in new ways and places.

I was feeling quite low recently and could not seem to pull myself out of a funk. Finally, I picked up my camera and went looking for pictures around our home. Here's what I found:

They're simple photos of simple things, but each holds special meaning. They represent purpose, grace, courage, integrity, transformation, beauty, strength. They bring to mind memories of significant people and events. They helped me to find words again of love and hope.

My little photo safari didn't take long, but was a bit like the A-Z list thing -- helping me to see in new ways and places and, in the process, to gain perspective. And, again, I am grateful.

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