Monday, June 30, 2008


Barbados is pretty warm and humid. Few homes have air conditioning. Instead, they are built to allow plenty of air flow, providing a much more comfortable environment. Because windows and doors are so often open, the line between human living space and "nature" is less strictly enforced by the physical barriers Americans are generally accustomed to.

KirbySee the mostly-green critter in the photo here? Jen named him Kirby. He was doing his usual lizard thing recently, walking around and being lizardy. I imagine everything was pretty normal in Kirby's life that day. Then things went south when Tahmina didn't notice him in the washing machine tub as she put their clothes in. This picture here is what Tahmina saw when she opened the lid to remove their clothes. Kirby is especially clean in this shot because he had just been through the full wash/rinse/spin cycle. (What you don't see is Tahmina's response to Kirby. Turns out Tahmina was about as happy about having Kirby in her laundry as Kirby himself was about being in her laundry.)

Some days are like that, yes? You walk about doing your usual thing, eating, sleeping, working, playing, interacting, driving, and all that. Events happen in their usual ways. It is predictable. Then something changes, and you find yourself floundering, tossed about, water up to your eyeballs and feeling like you're about to drown. When that happens, take stock of your situation. If there's something you can change to make things better, then take action. But sometimes, like Kirby, there is no immediate way out. If that's where you're at, hold on tight and wait. It won't last forever.

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