Friday, June 27, 2008


We made it! It took around twelve hours of travel time with two layovers. We packed light, figuring that half of our personal checked luggage would be for seminar materials. In addition to personal bags, we brought around 585 pounds of equipment. Amazingly, all of our stuff made the trip safely and on time. Much thanks to those who have contributed financially. The extra baggage costs alone are pretty incredible! Thanks also to those who have graciously cared for our homes and pets and such during the trip, too. We appreciate the part you have played on this work team!

If you're not sure exactly where Barbados is located, check out Google Maps.

The purpose of this trip is to help leaders facilitate worship in their unique settings through effective use of technology -- sound, video, other visual media, and perhaps web presence. The team is well equipped for that. We like technology and have people who are skilled in various aspects of it. Before the technology parts, though, Tahmina opened with a session on worship. After all, without worship, technology is just distraction. Worship is not about us; it's about God!

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