Sunday, June 29, 2008


In the Nazarene denomination, "Work & Witness" describes special events in which groups of people travel to other places to build up ministries there. Traditionally, these trips have been of significant distance, and have been organized around a construction project of some sort.

Ryan leading a small group during tech seminarThe Barbados trip is a Work & Witness event. Many traditional elements are involved -- a small-ish group, traveling a distance, organized around a project, with the purpose of building up ministries in the project place. The primary difference I see is that we're not building buildings; we're building people! By strengthening the foundation of leadership and core tools, our brief investment of time in Barbados will be multiplied throughout entire congregations.

Like a series of His own Work & Witness trips, God is in the gracious business of human construction and reconstruction. His focus is on the "project" of shaping us more and more into what He has planned for our lives, both individually and in concert with others. And He doesn't do it by just giving instruction from a faraway place. Instead, our personal God traveled to us in the person of Christ. His sacrifice was far beyond plane tickets and time and transfer of knowledge; he gave his very life.

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