Sunday, July 31, 2011

Lake Smell

With the warm summer weather here, we've got the swamp cooler going steadily now. It sometimes blows "the lake smell" into our home along with the cooling air. It is an odd odor, and distinctive. I've got friends who loathe the lake smell, but I rather enjoy it. Not so much the fishy weirdness, but the memories.

Photo by Eve Andersson

I taught for six years at a place just east of the Great Salt Lake. The job had its frustrations, but my colleagues were generally quite good to work with and I enjoyed the students. The lake smell was strongest during my favorite times of the year. It reminds me of sunshine, attractively simple landscaping, little egg fountains, birthday pies from Marie Callendar's, colleagues with similar appreciation for particular office supplies, and a variety of I-can't-believe-that-just-happened stories.

The lake smell reminds me of change -- in seasons, in knowledge, in understanding, in students and in myself. It reminds me that we're always in the process of becoming, and encourages me to choose well.

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