Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Here and There

Daycare Dogs

Sometimes when we travel, our dog stays with his friends at a local doggie daycare. The dogs play together under the watchful leadership of people who care for them, and who correct as needed when they start playing rough or otherwise causing trouble. It's a place for dogs to be dogs. Sirius likes it there, and he is always happy to go.

Sleepy Sirius
When we pick him up from boarding, Sirius certainly doesn't resist. He runs excitedly to me, ready to climb into the car and go home. As much as he enjoys visiting his canine and human friends in doggie daycare, he's always happy to come back with us. We are his people, and this is his home.

Without much personal choice in the matter, Sirius finds himself taken to other places, beyond his usual comfortable routines. Sometimes that presents challenges, but he generally seems to trust that he'll be okay eventually, and with that trust, he engages wherever he goes. As I watch the dog, there is something about his contentment and enthusiasm that I want to keep nurturing in my own life, too.

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