Saturday, June 25, 2011

Twitter: Waste and Wisdom

I created a Twitter account in January 2009.  My first tweet was pretty typical, and largely pointless:

"exploring twitter"

My second was equally exciting:

"Set up to tweet from phone.
Find myself hoping I won't use it..."

There is a whole bunch of random waste on the internet, and I have sometimes contributed to the digital noise.

Blog Words (thanks to

Thankfully, my posts since that first day have become much more useful, perhaps because it has mostly become for me a storage-place of others' wisdom.

I am drawn to the Twitter's format which requires concise expression through its 140-character limit.  I suppose it is ironic that Twitter's Wasteland of Words reminds me that every word matters, every character counts.  Ironic or not, though, that's a pretty good reminder.

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