Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Like Tweets?

I looked at Twitter a bit today. Can't say I'd be likely to use it, but at least it is a bit more familiar. So... here's a post inspired by Twitter...

Do I actually know anyone on Twitter? Who?

To the dentist. The folks there are some of the nicest people I never want to see.

Out and about, the whole town was creepy quiet. Everyone but me and the dentist watching the inauguration?

CNN described a scene at the inauguration this way: "...amid an affable crowd that tried to let shorter onlookers and children to the front for better views." As it should be.

Mark wants a photo looking across the Valley. Primary Children's has good lookout spot. See downtown beyond the trees? Nasty inversion. Ick.
Visited a young friend and her mom in hospital today. She's looking good, and has a great spirit. Made me smile. Great med staff there, too.

Mark called, just to say hello and ask if I'd survived the dentist. He is a good man.

Blogging through the lectionary again. The next passage is 1 Corinthians 6:12-20. Any of y'all want to take a stab at this one?

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