Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Some decisions just don't require a lot of seeking-God's-will kind of prayer. Hold that thought; we'll come back to it, probably tomorrow.

I finished reading/re-reading Hybels' book Axiom last night. It's good stuff, all the way through. He spoke some about the concept and a few of the axioms at the 2008 Leadership Summit. He talked about the process of making good decisions, and said Christian leaders have typically pushed their decisions through a series of four questions:
  1. Does the Bible say anything about this?
  2. What would smart advisers advise me to do?
  3. What have we learned from the pain, gain, and experience of past decisions?
  4. Is the Spirit prompting in a particular direction?
The concept of the book is that good leaders, over time, become able to make better decisions and make them faster, essentially condensing their learning in all four questions into brief sayings that capture great truths. And that's not just true in "leadership." Consider conflict, work schedules, strengthening marriage, disciplining children, end of life, and so on. The issues may be complex, and situations different each time, but there are truths to discover throughout our lives that should guide us more clearly through the future.

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