Sunday, January 20, 2008

Reunion General

We went to two different churches today. It was a beautiful day, and we waited outside for our transportation. As we stood, I pondered their church sign. The language was Spanish, of course, but there's one part in particular I like just fine in English.

church signThe sign proclaims this church as a place to be found with God (or something similar to that), with a weekly gathering on Sunday mornings. But the part which particularly caught my attention was "reunion general." Think for a minute about what that phrase means in English. "Re-union" implies a repeated joining together in unity, and "general" implies broad inclusion. I like that.

Really, Sunday mornings are not usually the times when we are best able to live out what it means to be God's people. Rather, we are called to engage with God in our everyday lives. Sunday mornings should have more the flavor of a big reunion, coming together as a special time to celebrate our unity even (or especially) in our differences.

Whatever we call our Sunday mornings, I hope it will be a great reunion with God and with each other.

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