Thursday, January 17, 2008

Checking In

The temperature here today is expected to reach around 89F as a high, with a low around 70F. We need to drink a lot of water. I'll be leaving the campus with a group just after lunch to serve over in Hurlingham. We'll be back kinda late tonight, if I remember correctly. The upcoming days are looking full, with most of the events being 8-12 hour things for us.

Please pray for the continuing safety of the many, many people who are doing construction on the Bruno Radi Convention Center. Please pray for the people we serve in the various communities. Please pray for this weekend's women's conferences, and for the big events with Stephen Manley and Felix Vargas next week, and for the big shindig next Saturday, and for all the smaller-group ministries we're engaging in. God is at work here.

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