Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sharing Solitude

I do love people -- and I'm an introvert. As a result, being drawn to people is balanced by a need to also have time alone. Regular times of silence and solitude help me to love well. So, after three wonderful days with three hundred women, and before jumping head-first into five days of a training camp, I climbed a mountain.

I took pictures from the top and, seeing there was at least a bit of cell reception at the peak, sent a few to my husband and to Facebook. It was odd, perhaps -- to go so far out of my way to be away and yet to reach out from that most distant spot. But there is something about sharing the joy with others that garnishes the experience with extra goodness.

You know those "wish you were here" cards? Well... I didn't. That time of solitude was awesome! And, at the same time, I am glad for friends and grateful for such opportunity to share something that mattered to me.

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