Friday, August 10, 2012


As we oriented in Colombia, we met a handful of people who would become significant to us during our week there. They would have roles as hosts, translators, tour guides, teachers, and more. Wellington was one of those people, and he is an ambassador.

An ambassador is a mediator of sorts, moving within the space between groups and helping to bridge the gap between them. Wellington and his American family are immersed in Colombian culture, honoring and integrating both.

At three years old, he is developing language simultaneously in both English and Spanish. Translation for others is modeled often, and he is beginning to recognize that different people and different groups communicate in different ways, sometimes needing help to reach understanding. He likes books, cars, wrestling, imaginative play. He connects with others naturally. He sometimes engages in conversation, and having him around often triggers other conversations, too.

Wellington is not merely a side note in his family, nor a hindrance to their "real" work. Rather, by simply showing up as himself and blooming where he is planted, this little guy is a blessing to those around him.

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