Thursday, July 19, 2012

Encountering Nature, Part 5: Poo Patrol

One of the chores associated with having a dog is patrolling the yard for poo piles and removing them to somewhere other than underfoot. Spotting a dark lump around that size during today's patrol, I approached with scooper in hand. Unlike the others, though, this lump had eyes, and a head that swiveled toward my motion:

Lesson 1:  If I hadn't been walking around our yard with a scooper in hand, I would not have noticed this little creature. I am reminded that I miss wonderful and significant moments when I'm not paying attention.

Lesson 2:  Though not an expert in ornithology, I am certainly capable of distinguishing between a bird and a poo. I am reminded that my expectations can cause me to see and hear others in distorted ways.

Lesson 3:  It is time to mow the lawn. Most of it, anyway :)

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Kathleen Allison said...

I have had the exact same experience, more than once, as a matter of fact!