Saturday, June 23, 2012

My Imaginary Friend

It was around fifteen years ago that I decided to test out the junk mail system by responding to one "request for information" card with five letters of our name changed. Several weeks passed and, sure enough, we started receiving quite a variety of mail addressed to this other name. Hundreds of pieces, actually, offering insurance, cable, cars, vacations, education, and all sorts of other stuff over the years, though we've never responded and have never written that fictitious name again.

We moved after two years and, within a matter of weeks, this other Mr. S. apparently moved back in with us.

Today, thirteen years later and having moved again, we were welcomed to our neighborhood by a dry cleaning company offering its services -- to this fellow who is nothing more than a figment of my imagination.

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CJ said...

A fascinating experiment! Within a couple weeks of buying the first set of charity address labels was delivered in the mail. Oddly, though they were for my father who had died more than 6 months before I bought this house. I didn't get a set with my name on them for nearly a year.