Friday, March 30, 2012


Caution: Rant Ahead.

This ad bothers me. It's certainly not the only one, but is a representative example.

See those faces? Nope, me neither. Their faces -- so central to how we recognize and interact with each other -- apparently have nothing to do with "the real you." Instead, this ad paints a very narrowly defined picture of what we are to aspire to be; that is, thin and well-toned. Grrr.

This company offers such significant results easily -- no pain, no loss of valuable time, no loss of coolness. Just like all the important things in life, right?

A quote I saw recently:
"In the factory, we make cosmetics;
in the store we sell hope."
(C. Revson)

I am reminded by this ad and by the quote to consider more deeply my own purchases. Am I buying something worthwhile, or am I grasping for hope, for distraction, for too much ease? Hmmm.

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