Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Many Little Things

I injured myself a bit a few weeks back -- torqued my back while picking up a piece of paper. This was not heavy paper, mind you, nor large and awkwardly shaped. The motion just threw me off somehow.

My backpack is more clearly in the "lift with your legs, not with your back" category. I was surprised this afternoon by how light it felt as I pulled it from my car. In fact, I immediately thought I'd left my computer at home, so I opened up the bag to see. Everything was there except the assortment of papers I'd removed this morning.

A standard piece of paper is a small thing, not likely to be noticed when added to a good-sized pack. So, as I am leaving the house, I frequently add whatever documents are current. A few pages at a time through the recent weeks, those lightweight items had added up and I hadn't noticed how much they were weighing me down until the burden was lifted.

Life can be like that. Little tasks, small responsibilities, minor stresses -- each easy to carry on its own. When joined with others, though, they add up. Even a "lightweight" addition is enough to upset the balance. Today was a good reminder to "clean out my pack" -- to prioritize and focus rather than "carrying" too many things around in my head and heart.

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