Saturday, September 24, 2011

Wilted Plant

A fun little plant has graced our kitchen for a few months. It is the only plant we have inside, mostly because our plant-raising skills are... lacking. When we returned from a recent trip, our plant was terribly sad. Its pretty red flowers were dried out and turning black; the stems and leaves had wilted so much that the touched the shelf all the way around. It looked quite dead. I sighed, having failed another plant.

Still, I added water on Tuesday. Nothing to lose, right? Added some more yesterday, too.

Take a look at it now. Amazingly, we have a plant again!

It reminds me of times when I have felt dried out and wilted, my outlook darkened. I think of times when I have been "watered" in some way by God, a friend, even a stranger. Like with the plant, it often doesn't take much. A simple conversation has at times made a world of difference -- giving strength to stand and restoring me toward full life again.

Looking at my happy little plant, I am encouraged by those memories.

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