Saturday, March 19, 2011

Umbrella Space

I was walking across campus on a dim and murky-feeling morning.  A chilly rain drizzled from the sky.  I scowled as I left the building, harumphing to myself about the darkness, the rain, the cold. Really, though, it wasn't about the weather.  My soul was worn down, I felt overwhelmed by things going on within and around me, and the dreariness outside simply reflected my insides.  It was like seeing the world through cloud-colored glasses.

"Debi?"  I turned and saw a friend a short distance behind me.  "I have an umbrella."

We walked together to the next building, talking briefly along the way.  I've been in far worse rain, but have never been so grateful for an umbrella.  It was a gentle reminder that I was not alone -- or at least did not have to be.  "I have an umbrella" -- these were hospitable and healing words on that day.


Pat said...

Some days I am the person with the umbrella... and some days I am the person needing an umbrella. Ah, the balance of life!

Pat N

Anonymous said...

Agreed, Pat. I love that balance.