Sunday, May 3, 2009

Getting Ready

The worship team gathers for about an hour on Sunday mornings to finalize preparations for worship. They rehearse the music, clarify the order of service, adjust the sound system. Like the Levites of the Old Testament, they do not just sing; they lead the way into the presence of God.

They are getting ready right now. I have joined them occasionally over the years, and know more or less what they're probaly doing. Dave makes sure things are ready for the team, Phil adjusts the sound system, Deanna and Jen set up the computer. Then, before anything else, they come together for prayer. It is a significant time in the life of this group, and therefore in the life of our church.

I am thankful for this group of committed people who do not take themselves too seriously, but do not take worship lightly. I look forward to joining them soon for a great morning focused on our great God.

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