Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Extreme Mission, Extreme Accomplishment

January 26 was the one-year anniversary of the inauguration of the Bruno Radi Convention Center. Most people don't know where this convention center is located, or who Bruno Radi was, or why it's named after him. Thirteen months ago, I didn't, either. But then I flew to Argentina and invested time, money, relationships, and manual labor. This facility and what it represents became a part of me. The people I met there come to mind regularly. So do the ones I didn't meet.

It is particularly for the ones I didn't meet that the building was built, for those who do not have a relationship with God. Throughout the past year, the Bruno Radi Convention Center has been used almost every weekend to reach people for Christ, help them mature in faith, and develop skills for service. It has been used to host youth camps, pastor conferences, spiritual formation courses, concerts, and more. It is also rented to commercial groups, with the resulting income being re-invested in training.

Of the ten church plants we worked with in the area, four become fully recognized in 2008 and three anticipate reaching that point in 2009. The remaining three continue in that process as they worship, grow and serve their communities. I look forward to celebrating again with these ten church families, even from a distance, as they reach new milestones in ministry.

Extreme Nazarene doesn't sit on its laurels, though. Even before this venture in Argentina had been completed and entrusted to the care of capable South American leaders, Extreme's leaders were already moving quickly toward the next mission. They are now in Peru, developing and deploying 80 long-term and 1000 short-term missionaries into 120 communities, helping to address complex needs in those communities while introducing people to Christ and planting self-replicating churches.

Check out Extreme Peru here!


Anonymous said...

I’ve been thinking about this one for awhile now. Recently, I listened to Pastor James Garlow speaking about the Covenant. He related a story about visiting a church in Mexico where the people would literally run in to find a seat in the sanctuary when the doors opened for the next of four or five services each Sundays. He asked the Pastor how many people were coming to know Christ and was told that it was 400-500 a month. He related that the cry of his heart was that he was tired of hearing about revival “somewhere else” and wanted it here! (at his home church.) I rejoice for the people of Argentina, but wonder when it will be here? I sometimes question whether I am doing my part in prayer and relationship building.
It is hard for us to not think about getting results. But as we were taught last week, “AS I AM GOING” I just need to plant some seeds and splash a little water and let Him do the hard part.

Bob S.

Debi said...

Pastor Hal had a great point about reflecting the character of God "as we are going." I am excited about his vision of a church that does not stop too soon in the process of developing not just disciples, but disciple-makers.

I attended a Bible study on Wednesday with probably around 30 other people. They get together each week to talk about a designated passage of the Bible and, from what I saw, they really enjoy both the process and each other. Even in just that one hour, I saw several participants who could provide excellent leadership for such a group. I hope they take the challenge to step outside of what is comfortable, because they have phenomenal world-changing potential.

It also challenges me to discover and pursue with fresh vigor the life-changing potential we have at SLC First.