Thursday, May 1, 2008

Where to Start

As I walk with Christ, the journey is more like a mountain hike than a meadow walk. Both tend to be beautiful and worthwhile. The meadow variety is more steady, more consistent. A mountain hike is different -- a lot more variety in the terrain, a lot more surprises over the rise or around the bend, a lot more spurts interspersed with slower, more difficult progress.

There are two particular convictions I've been wrestling with the past couple of months. Perhaps I'll write about the first one later; it's not for today. The second is more recent, and it is for today. It is about worship. In my life right now, the issue is not about God's existence or God's presence or even God's nature. It is about acknowledging and responding to who God is.

Psalm 116 was part of the lectionary reading a few weeks ago. When I read it today, I was reminded yet again about the role of worship in my heart and mind. Consider this:
"The Lord is gracious and righteous,
our God is full of compassion.
The Lord protects the simplehearted;
when I was in great need, he saved me."

The psalmist continues with descriptions of how God's nature has been revealed to him, and the implications. What are the implications of knowing this God, of being in relationship with Him? When I recognize that God has the understanding and the power and the desire to bring about what is best, I can rest, even while I struggle. Whatever comes about, I can face it as long as God is with me.

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